Simply the world’s
fastest, most scalable blockchain.

Enabling a new frontier of digital transactions.

How Scalable?

If every person on Earth...

(all 7.4 billion of them)


made 12
transactions each day...

(that’s over 1 million transactions every second)


we'd only use 33% of our current transaction capability

(yes, that’s really scalable)


What we enable


Private and public blockchains

We enable Financial Institutions to be part of the vibrant and wide-ranging crypto economy and offer the same services available in the fiat economy, but this time on-chain.

Banking, credit, real time fraud detection, insurance, KYC.

Micropayments made profitable.

Monetizing internet content 1 cent at a time opens the door to incredible new opportunities, and to business models we can’t even imagine today. Bitoken makes it all possible for you.

Apps, games providers, news media, advertising, music and video streaming services.


Unparalleled confidence and stability.

A public blockchain capable of processing millions of transactions per second with sub second settlement times while still preserving decentralization, self-governance, and smart contract capabilities.

Our test network is up and running and can already process over 3 million TPS!


Rock-solid security and privacy.

Our configurable shard access model is the key to auditability and to compliance with currency and privacy regulations. Accounts can be cryptographically secured as either public or private.

The Team

Pablo Buki
Pablo Buki
  • 15+ years Tech CEO experience
  • Founder of Igea Software (acquired by Complia Health in 2015)
  • Patent in Blockchain Scalability
  • BSc Technion, Israel Institute of Technology – Cum Laude
Andy Katz
Andy Katz
Director of Technology
  • 20+ years of software development & management experience
  • Deep expertise in high volume, distributed systems
  • Co-founder at Tacpoint Inc.
Sam Lavery
Sam Lavery
Director of Infrastructure
  • Early Ethereum Developer - Held 85% of all mining power on Ethereum
  • Architect/CTO at Zynga in charge of only profitable product
  • Lead Architect - Travelocity
Diego Besprosvan
Diego Besprosvan
Chief Architect
  • 20+ years in design and development of highly scalable systems
  • VP Technology/Chief Architect – Tango Me
  • CTO/Founder – MailVision (acquired by AUDC in 2012)